Sunday, 12 January 2014

To Uncertain Futures, We Usher Them Into The Light....

I hold your gaze, captivated by your searching, sparkling eyes, which reach deep into my soul, seeking out truths, trying to make some sense of this bright, new world.

I cuddle your tiny body and a bond is formed that will remain forever unbroken. All defences are down, raw emotions unfettered and overwhelming love consumes me.

What will the future hold? How will you change and adapt in this cruel modern world? How can I keep you safe and what can I ever say that will hold true?

She is born and I am reborn, new life flowing through us, each learning new ways to appreciate the wonders of the world with wide, curious eyes.

“Imprint the knowledge, pass the message on
You know I have to let you go
One day I have to say goodbye
You know that I will have to leave and give up to the light”


  1. She's wonderful and amazing. I'm so delighted for you both!

  2. congratulations to you both, she's adorable :)