Thursday, 5 January 2012

That Was The Year That Was......

Time's skipped by again, I'm not sure where it all goes. A sign of getting old I suspect! Where DID 2011 go?

So, we both ended the year on the "injured list", Kirsten with an inflamed peroneal muscle and tendon, me with a dodgy right knee, which has been troubling me for a wee while now. Both injuries were, I believe, a result of a long 24 mile run in snowy conditions on the West Highland Way prior to Christmas. A great day out, but the constant twisting and slipping, and the sinking of the feet into the snow, took its toll on tendons, muscles and ligaments. We're both taking it carefully with the recovery and, fingers crossed, we'll be back out there again this weekend.

And there's certainly plenty to get trained up for and to look forward to in 2012!

More of that in a moment though, what of 2011? It could easily have been an anti-climax after the excitement of 2010 (getting married on a mountain, the BG, Kirsten's 100 attempt, and many, many long days out on the hills). But, of course, life for us is never boring and there's never an anti-climax and 2011 has truly been another life-defining, life-changing year.

I've talked of moving to Scotland for over 20 years now. As soon as we got together, one of the things that really cemented our relationship was a mutual desire to do just that in the near future and live in our spiritual home. And, in 2011, we made it happen!

We'd decided to go by the end of March, and plans were afoot to move to the west coast, until a late job offer for Kirsten in Inverness saw us heading up to this area, finding the perfect fairytale cottage in the woods and realising our dream move. And what a fabulous move it's been. The place is beautiful, living up here is fantastic, after a stuttering start we've made some fantastic friends and the options for outdoor life are limitless. We've hardly begun to explore the possibilities!

And yet, I feel very settled here, as if I've been here all my life. I should have known I would, I've spent enough time up here to know what it's all about. It's been a whirlwind year though, and time for reflection and planning is needed right now, to ensure we head in the direction we want to and don't get caught up in the rat-race. We will make it happen!!

As for the running, it took a back seat, no doubt about it. But we've had some tremendous fun, heading off to Highland Games races, some lovely days out in remote locations, a BG support on a great day, the Langdale Horseshoe, and a group of Highland Bat Runners we've brought together for some fun on a Thursday night. A couple of close friends as well, who've really made a difference to our happiness and settling in up here, and just recently a new couple on the scene with whom it looks like we'll be having plenty of long-distance adventures. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

So what plans for 2012? Well, we sat down with the race calendars last night and mapped it all out and, I'll tell you what...if that all goes to plan we are going to have a cracking year! Plenty of new races, some classic races I've always wanted to do, and some long-distance challenges. First up the Fling for Kirsten and a test to see if she can summon up that mental toughness which she's demonstrated so admirably in the past.

As for me, I had vague plans for a Paddy, probably towards the end of July. Looking at the calendar though, I'm not 100% sure I can fit it in alongside all of my other wishes, so I think I'll just see how it all pans out and go with the flow. If I'm fit and in the mood, I might well go for it....a nice low-key attempt with some last minute pleas for help and a lot less fuss than the BG.

Otherwise, I'm just looking forward to another great year, sharing it with THE most wonderful lass, and looking forward to the endless possibilities of our life up here together.


  1. Great post Rich, a lot of which resonates with my own 2011 - we moved from London to Glossop in April and have been having fun exploring ever since. Good luck with your 2012 adventures, Lynne

  2. Thanks Lynne...good luck with yours too, life is always fun when you approach it in the right way.