Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Who knows where the time goes......

We're off to support Dave A's Bob Graham this weekend. I can't wait. For several reasons;
a) It's been a good while since we were in the Lakes. I've quite missed it. Of course, there IS nowhere like Scotland and the mountains have a totally different quality to them up here. But it's still fantastic and much more accessible on foot than up here.
b) It's going to bring back some fantastic memories, of one of the best days of my life. And there's no doubt that's why a lot of BG folk go on supporting. They love to help others to achieve that same dream and they get a surge of memories as they head around the route again and cheer successful people in at the Moot Hall.
c) And, most importantly, Dave is a top person. He came out and helped on 3 legs for me last year, having never been involved in the BG before. On top of that, he's gone about his BG in the "right" way. He's supported so many rounds it's untrue, he's got out there, alone sometimes, with friends at others, and reccied and come to love and appreciate the route. And I know he understands the importance of the legacy and spirit of the BG. I really can't wait to see him run up to the Moot Hall on Saturday!

I do confess to being a little nervous about whether I can keep up with him. My fitness isn't at last year's levels and I've got a few niggles. But hopefully others will slow him down first and/or he'll be wanting to slow down and appreciate the views and make the most of the day on leg 4 with a sub-24 in the bag! I can but hope!!

But for now, a few memories......

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